Farshore is on the western coast of the isle of Temute1, and the East gate gives access to the rest of the island. The road leading out of the East Gate of Farshore is most often used by hunters and farmers of the outlying regions. While Temute is far enough from the mainland that dangerous predators don’t overrun its wilds, the island is still far from safe.
Still most of the new settlers will need to establish a home outside the palisade of Farshore, as it simply isn’t large enough to contain them.

Upgrade – 25 VP, Adventure
A small but tenacious tribe of trogloydes dwelt in the center of the island and use to be problematic for the colonists. These troglodytes dwelt in a sizable cave overlooking a forest of banana trees and other specimens ideal for lumber, especially shipbuilding and repairs, but the colonists could not enter the area without being viciously attacked by the fiercely territorial monsters.

Reward: With the warlike trogs defeated access to these resources increased Farshore’s assets by 5,000 gp and has given the battered militia a chance to recover. It also increases its gp limit by 1,000gp.


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