Hall of Records

This modest building serves Farshore as a library and a hall of records. All important documents are kept here, protected by two iron safes, while other books and idle works of art line shelves in the main room. The hall is under the watchful eye of Jeran Emrikad (male human), and energetic and bright-eyed man in his late forties who fancies himself as an explorer.

Upgrade – 0 VP, Adventure
Jeran recently learned a local legend of a mysterious eighth Maztican village said to once have been located on Temute. As the legend goes the Kawibusas had a marked taste for warfare. Their warriors and zombie-masters braved the jungles beyond the Great Wall often to explore the ruins of the island’s old “gods”. On one of their forays, they uncovered a sunken temple deep within the jungle that contain an idol of a great ape, carved from a thick piece of obsidian encrusted with gemstones.

The Kawibusas proudly carried the stolen idol to their home and placed it at the center of their village. That very night, a great fog rose up and engulfed their settlement. By dawn the entire tribe had mysteriously vanished. Maztican visitors who came to the site several days later found the Kawibusas village empty, save for the ominous ape idol. They buried the idol, hoping to end its curse, and never returned. Since then the story of the eighth tribe has become a popular tale among the Maztican.

Jeran has pieced together clues and thinks he has a good idea where the ruins of the Kawibusas can be found, he wants some assistance in checking his theory.

Hall of Records

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