Farshore Docks

The Farshore waterfront bustles with activity most of the day, as over half the colonists have some interest in what goes on here. Fishing boats and launches depart daily, the latter destined for neighboring isles, including the Isle of Dread. At any time of day, two guards keep watch here, and signal fires atop the jetties are lit at night so that stragglers at sea can find their way home.

The entrance to Farshore harbour is a natural bottleneck that serves well to protect the colony from attacks from the sea, yet there is certainly more that can be done to shore up these defenses.

The docks are also a good place to find replacement crew for any of the ships in harbor.

Upgrade – 50 VP; 1 WF, Knowledge (architecture and engineering); 1 week or more – Completed
Several enhancements to the harbor entrance have been made to make it more secure including two observation platforms flanking the entrance, armed with ballista and a submerged wall narrowing the harbor entrance.

Farshore Docks

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