A colony established by Lavinia Vanderboren’s parents on the small island of Temute, just south of the Isle of Dread mainland. Lavinia organized a second expedition to relieve the colony and provide more settlers, advertising the trip in Talshuta.

Farshore (hamlet): Conventional; AL NG; Population 240; 800gp limit (Farshore’s resources and lack of real competition grant the hamlet a higher gp limit than normal); Assets 9,600gp; Isolated (220 humans, 7 half-elves, 6 halflings, 4 dwarves, 3 gnomes1).

Authority Figures:

There are several improvements that could be made to the colony and missions taken to better secure its position.

Many of the Upgrades require time and labor in order to take effect. As a general rule one group of laborer (a workforce WF) consists of 20 people. Not everybody in the colony is a skilled laborer, and many have there own jobs which take up to much of their time, but there are enough to field up to 4 at a time.

Map Key
1. Farshore Docks
2. Warehouses
3. Palisade
4. Watchtowers
5. South Gate
6. Farshore Cemetery
7. East Gate
8. Militia Barracks
9. Vanderboren Manor
10. Meravanchi Manor
11. The Clayworks
12. Sellis Woodworks and Smithy
13. Tehrik’s Tannery
14. The Last Coconut
15. Farshore Chapel
16. Hall of Records
17. The Infirmary
18 . Greenhouse
19. Professor Aldwattle’s Laboratory
20. Farshore Farms (small holdings)


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