Liamae Teslikaria

Limae is a member of the Jade Ravens.


Liamae is a rebel against her noble parents who ran away from home to the exotic south to experience what life has to offer.

She is moderately capricious and lives a bit of a self-destructive life style with habits ranging from a fondness for exploring dangerous regions on her own to an increasingly morbid fascination with how lucky she really is.

When the Sea Wyvern was caught in a storm while circumventing the Isle of Dread bound for Farshore, Liamae was struck by a bolt of lightning and nearly killed. She woke from her coma at Farshore, her only memory of the incident a vision of an athletic woman wearing tight clothing and a flowing red cloak. In the vision, the woman defied all manner of peril, relying on what seemed to Liamae to be a delightful combination of physical prowess and pure dumb luck. She’s since come to realize that this vision was of the goddess of luck, Tymora.

Her new-found faith softened her cynical and bitter edges to a great extent, and she took great pains to make amends to anyone she had treated poorly on the voyage. Since arriving at Farshore, she has frequently invited her new friends on any number of dangerous and frivolous adventures just to “test their luck” against the isle, making her attention quickly grow old.

Liamae Teslikaria

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