Kaskus Kiel

Kaskus Kiel is a member of the Jade Ravens, the other adventuring party in the employ of Lavinia.


“That durned half-orc killed me badger!”

Kaskus has a brown beard and hair, caring eyes, and a sturdy look about his shoulders. He has a deep and noisy love of mountains and caverns, and a venerating respect for nature and all that is in it.

Kaskus Kiel’s loyalty to Lavinia is only matched by his loyalty to the Jade Ravens and the natural world. He has unfortunately spent much of the voyage on the Blue Nixie seasick.

SInce arriving to the Isle of Dread, he has been smitten by its wild and exotic environs. After losing his badger, he has bonded with another animal, a giant crocodile.

He desires to make a trip to the island’s interior, but only Limae seems mildly interested.
His obsession with the isle blinds him from the fact that the Jade Ravens as a group seem to be dissolving…..


Kaskus longs to return to his homeland, a dwarven kingdom in the mountains of the south, near the equator of the world, after he has repaid a debt of loyalty to Lavinia, whose father rescued Kaskus from slavery by the Rundeen in Calimshan nearly a year ago.

Kaskus Kiel

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