Savage Tide Pathfinder Style

Chapter 2: Bullywug Gambit


1. With two of the Jade Ravens rescued and healed, the party moves onward to find Lavinnia. 2. The party finds the kennels that house 3 mastiffs. Dwalin calms them and brings them along to get revenge on the the invading bullywugs. 3. The party encounters the Bullywugs chiefs mate and a few other bullywugs. The chiefs mate is held in place by a hold spell cast by the priest and is in turn, Coup de Grace’d by the barbarian. The rest of the bullywugs are easily disposed of. 4. The party reaches a large room on the third floor, the bedroom of Larissa and Verik. The room holds the half orc first mate and many bullywugs, along with the two remaining Jade Ravens and Lavinnnia. The ranger and barbarian rush to her aid and a huge battle ensues. After the dust settles the party emerges triumphant, all of the captives have been freed with no deaths, except for the halfling cartographer, Kara. 5. Lavinnia tells of her plan for the party to escort her on an expedition to the colony known as Far Shore, which lies many weeks away in a far off land near the lands of Zakhara. The party agrees and makes their preparations for the upcoming journey.



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