Savage Tide Pathfinder Style

Voyage to the Isle of Dread: Part VI

1. The party reaches the lair of the brood queen. They travel downwards into the depths until they confront the Gargantuan, horrible creature. After many rounds and numerous other zombies coming to her aid, she is destroyed. After her destruction the sea begins to break apart. The party retrieves a fairly hefty treasure and water walk back to their now freed ship.

2. The parties boat now free of the sargasso sea, now travels many days with smooth sailing until the dwarf ranger discovers that another powerful storm is coming, even more ferocious then the one that they encountered several days ago.

3. The storm hits hard when the party is a day or so away from the Island of Dread. The vessel is blown off course and rams into a coral reef and is heavily damaged. A Gnasher, an eel like creature attacks the crew and is disposed of easily.

4. The captain decides to make way for the coast because the ship is too heavily damaged to make it to the final destination. The party talks over their options and decide to lead a small group through the jungle to get supplies and make it back to the ship. 5. Before the party sets out on its journey, a T-Rex attacks the party and after a hard fought battle is killed. The remaining crew and passengers are getting scared about being left behind, but are persuaded that their best chance of survival is at the ship and not in the jungle.
Voyage to the Isle of Dread: Part V
Sargasso Sea

1. The three ships set sail from Lantan, their last stop and make way for the fabled Isle of Dread.

2. A vicious storm hits and the pilots of each ship do their best to navigate and steer their way through the storm. The Sea Wyvern makes it through the storm without being blown off course. The other two ships are blown off course and are not in view after the storm subsides.

3. After a few days of sailing and with no sign of the other two ships the Sea Wyvern slows down and attempts to discern where the lost two ships are. The next morning the crew awakes to find itself stuck in an unnatural vegetation, a horrid phenomenon known as a Sargasso Sea. The crew deduces that there is no way to break free of this unnatural, uneasy growth encasing their ship. The party sets out to venture out onto the sea and attempt to find any way off this unnatural island.

4. The party comes upon a more recently grounded ship and decides to explore. They enter the captains quarters and are attacked by some strange zombie type creatures covered in seaweed. They are dispatched of and the captains journal is discovered. The captain talks about how undead creatures are all around and come up at night and take his crew to the depths, and they are found in the ranks of the undead the next evening. There appears to be a mother of all these creatures that resides in the center of the island that controls the entire army of undead.

5. The party fends off 2 waves of undead in the night with no losses. The next day they make way for the ship that the brood mother is supposed to reside in..The party is helped by a traveling spell cast by the ranger Dwalin which makes their voyage much faster over the horrid and slow terrain. As they make their way towards the ship they can see waves and waves of undead closing in on them slowly.

6. The party reaches their destination and makes their way to the hull. They are greeted by another wave of undead which are easily dispatched of. They now make their way to the last and final room, the lair of the brood queen.

Voyage to the Isle of Dread: Part IV

1. While investigating the shrine of Tomochoan, the part finds an old pyramid structure that is trapped. The rogue fails to disarm the trap and is afflicted with Mummy Rot.

2. After the Mummy Rot trap the party is attacked by a bat demon from the Maztican writings. A Will-O-Wisp joins the fight and helps the party. The demon is slain and the Will-O-Wisp departs.

3. The party finds a shriveled form in the pyramid that has a prayer bead magic item cluthched in its grasp.

4. At the far end of the room the party finds a pit that holds an old Maztican relic that is very valuable to collectors, it has faint transmutation magic clinging to it.

5. The party decides to split their group of sailors up so they can pilot the half-elfs caravel that is now sailorless due to them all being slain by the Girillons.

6. The party heads off to the next leg of their trip, a village of friendly Mazticans who are known to trade food for metal items.

7. After a few gaffs by some of the passengers and crew of the ships, the party completes the trade and moves on towards Nimbral.

8. The party makes a brief excursion into one of the cities of Lantan where a few buy some magic items to help them on the journey.

Chapter 3: Voyage to the Isle of Dread Part III

1. The party docks at a fresh water inlet where they are attacked by a 5 headed hydra. They fire a cannon at it which severely wounds it and sends it back down into the depths.

2. The party next sails down the coast to the lost city of the Maztican civilization, Tomochoan. They meet up with a half elf who has befriended the barbarian who needs to go to the shrine of the jaguar God in order to try and break her curse of lycanthropy.

3. The party is ambushed by eight girillons, 4 armed apes. They monsters are killed but all of the members of the half elf’s party is killed. They meet a stranger who helped during the fight who claims he was part of a group of monster catchers from Tashlutaa who was decimated by the monsters.

4. The party reaches the shrine and the half elf completes the ceremony that appears to cure her of her affliction.

5. The party spies the tracks of a basilisk and in turn destroys it.

6. The party enters the uncharted tomb.

Chapter 3: Voyage to the Isle of Dread Part II
Voyage to Lantan
I. The party tracks the water logged tracks of their assailant down the steps to the hull a. A form of Skald is found in the corner apparently drugged, while another person looking like Skald is hiding behind the horse Thunderer. b. The party attacks and kills the creature who is found out to be a revenant, who had a big issue with the sorceror. c. During the fight, the sorceror was hurt badly, and while treating his wounds it’s discovered that he is a Yuan-ti. II. The party makes it’s way to the first stop on the leg, Port Nyranzu. a. It’s found out that a strange cult has popped up in the area thats called the cult of the hopping wizards. They’re apparently somehow connected to creatures knows as Slaads. b. After getting a few supplies the party heads off to it’s next stop, Lantan. III. The part arrives in Lantan. a. Kaylani, the gunslinger purchases a large canon along with a fair amount of ammunition that they mount on the front of the ship. IV. The party makes way for their next stop, the ruins of Tomochan a. The party spots a caravel vessel coming closer to theirs flying the flags of the Rundeen. b. Kaylani mans the canon and fires on the approaching vessel and after two direct hits the approaching vessel is listing and they plea for surrender. c. The pirates boat is plundered and the assailants are dropped off at the coastline a in row boats a day alter. d. After the pirates are dropped off, Father Feres comes to the group claiming that since he left the shrine of Tyr he hasn’t felt well. After inspection it’s deduced that he’s had an egg from a blue Slaad inserted into him by the Cult of the hopping wizards.

1. The egg is removed from Feres’s body and destroyed. They find out that he isn’t a priest, but a con man out to make a few bucks. He will be dropped off in Nimbral.

Chapter 3: Voyage to the Isle of Dread
Session 1

I. The party makes accomadations and prepares to set sail for the Isle of Dread.
1. The party meets its crew and all of the passengers that will be accompanying them along the way.
2. The party is invited to dinner aboard the Sea Nixie a few days into the voyage.
a. After the dinner the party is attacked by a water mephit on their way back to the ship.
b. The party discovers that the zip line back to their boat was sabotaged and water logged tracks are left by the pulley mechanism.
c. Dwalin casts a spell on the tracks that gives him a mental image of the leaver of the tracks is the form of Rowyn Kellani.

Chapter 2: Bullywug Gambit
1. With two of the Jade Ravens rescued and healed, the party moves onward to find Lavinnia. 2. The party finds the kennels that house 3 mastiffs. Dwalin calms them and brings them along to get revenge on the the invading bullywugs. 3. The party encounters the Bullywugs chiefs mate and a few other bullywugs. The chiefs mate is held in place by a hold spell cast by the priest and is in turn, Coup de Grace’d by the barbarian. The rest of the bullywugs are easily disposed of. 4. The party reaches a large room on the third floor, the bedroom of Larissa and Verik. The room holds the half orc first mate and many bullywugs, along with the two remaining Jade Ravens and Lavinnnia. The ranger and barbarian rush to her aid and a huge battle ensues. After the dust settles the party emerges triumphant, all of the captives have been freed with no deaths, except for the halfling cartographer, Kara. 5. Lavinnia tells of her plan for the party to escort her on an expedition to the colony known as Far Shore, which lies many weeks away in a far off land near the lands of Zakhara. The party agrees and makes their preparations for the upcoming journey.
Chapter 2: Bullywug Gambit
Session two: Wormfall Festival

I. The party rushes back to Tashlanta in an attempt to save Lavinia from the Drevoraz
1. The party arrives to find the Wormfall festival has come to the city which is blocking most of the ways in and out of the city, and making the streets very crowded.
2. Dwalin gets into a fight with a drunk gnome and narrowly avoids a fight with the gnome’s friend, a half orc barbarian.
3. The party gets attacked by an assassin hired by the Kellani family. Their attempt is thwarted.
4. The part takes the secret waterway into the Vanderboren estate. The are met by a group of bullywugs lead by their chief, and a rust monster who are torturing a mage from the Jade Ravens group. The bullywugs are slain and the mage is rescued.
5. The party moves into another room and slays another group of bullywugs who were pleasuring themselves at the expense of a bloated stuffed toad.
6. The party discovers a secret door which holds the body or a wounded dwarf druid, another member of the jade ravens. They revive him and get information about what happened during the attack.

Chapter 2: Bullywug Gambit
Session 1: Krakens Cove
The party learns that traveling to Krakens Cove is a tricky endeavor indeed. The cove is surrounded my miles of coral that would be devastating to a large ship. It’s said that there is a map that can guide you through the coral maze, but no one seems to have the map at this time. The party books charter with a small fishing vessel who will take them to the coral maze and they will use a small row boat the rest of the way. About half way into the coral cove, Dwalin notices that the fauna of the region seems to become perverted by foul magic. The fish and birds seem to be warped with chaos stuff, making them grow appendages and larger teeth. In the distance the party notices a large fire in the direction of the camp. They finally reach the cove where they see a cluster fuck of bad shit has transpired. Many boats are on fire, dead bodies are strewn everywhere and horrid creatures are roaming about. The party makes their way into the caves where they fight many hideously deformed creatures who may or may not have originally been sailors or pirates. They continue to make their way deeper into the caverns where they come upon the Brissa, the lover of Vanthus. She has been turned into one of these horrid creatures. The party dispatches of her easily. Eventually the party comes upon the final room. One female pirate is shouting obscenities at a large group of savage creatures. The party decides to help her and in time the remaining creatures are destroyed. The pirate says her name is Harliss Javell, the a crimson fleet captain of the now doomed ship, the Slippery Eel. They learn that all of this was caused when Vanthus accidentally let loose the power of a black pearl that he was trying to steal from Harliss Javell. She tells of how all of these creatures were transformed when the power of the pearl enveloped them. She tells of how the Cove captain was killed and how she fought her way to the last room. The party can tell she is hurt badly and has been greatly affected by the poisons of these horrid creatures, it seems to be affecting her intelligence greatly. She tells the party that in order to get even with Vanthus, she sent her half orc firstmate Drevoraz ahead to deal with him at his home, Vanderboren estate. The party tells her of her error, and in either her bad judgement or confusion she tells where they can find the map of the coral maze, and bades them to take the last usable vessel, the Sea Wyvern, to try and cut off Drevoraz and his band of bullywugs, before they murder lady Lavinia by mistake. The party is now heading back to Tashlanta as quick as possible in and effort to reach Lady Lavinia before it’s too late.
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