Zsrulkka Ssarmn

Powerful half-blood sorceress


Zsrulkka Ssarmn is responsible for administrating yuan-ti activities for the House of Se’Sehen around Talashar.

She maintains a lair in the Crypt of Anthilar.


House Se’Sehen is currently the largest and most powerful in the Black Jungles. Afterr cen- turies of somnolence, the reappearance of the avatar of Sseth during the Time of Troubles caused House Se’Sehen to begin to stir again. Members of this tribe seek to reestablish their control over the Tashalar and extend their reach into all the human-held territories bor- dering the Shining Sea. They exchange exotic spices and poisons for slaves and a means to transport their spies to ports in the north.

Zsrulkka Ssarmn

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