"Tatha" the Tattoo artist; assassin for hire


Tathtlasss looks like a lithe, slender human female. Her smooth, dusky skin is a perfect counterpoint for her black hair and dark eyes. The only hints of her serpentine nature are her forked tongue, pointed teeth, and a few scales along the nape of her neck and spine. Though her long hair usually covers these scales, she further conceals them with a henna-dye “tattoo” of ornate scales edged in many monster heads. She reapplies the design every few months using her professional skills and a set of angled mirrors. Should anyone notice and remark on the design, Tathtlasss passes it off as a slave brand burned into her flesh years ago by a cruel slaver who kidnapped her. Fortunately, she claims, her kin hunted him down and slew him before his caravan could reach the rich slave markets he was heading for.


Born and reared in the cellars of a major port by yuan-ti slavers, Tathtlasss has dwelt in cities all her life, hiding among humans. She earned her coins initially by stealing and later by slaying. Tathtlasss loves to kill — humans in particular — and since she learned that some humans would pay to have others slain, she’s lived quite well.

Under the name “Tatha,” she operates a makeup, tattooing, and bodypainting service in a storefront in the wealthy part of town. She specializes in superb facial makeup and swirling, ornamental body paint designed to distract viewers from body plumpness when skin-revealing gowns are worn. This lucrative business also allows her to peddle scents, drugs, and poisons on the side to a clientele of wealthy but jaded women while learning about the important people of the city. Between her two professions, she’s amassed quite a lot of wealth, which she’s invested in properties in many other cities.


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