Kaylie "Blackie" Forbath

Hot tempered gunslinger


Impulsive and attractive. Loves excitement and the smell of black powder.


She is the half-brother of Kai Forbath. She decided to join the expedition in an attempt to remove herself from her family’s scrutiny. She is much too much of a wild child to behave like a dainty noble lass.

Since she was young, she had a fascination with firearms. She loves the force of the kick of a gun…. and the destruction that a blast can cause. She is reckless with pursuit of the thrill…. on one occasion she blew up a cannon on one of her family’s ships, causing it to sink.

Her father encouraged her to travel with Kai to Farshore in part to remove a potential liability from the noble estate. Her father entrusted with her with 5,000 gp to give towards the Vanderboren trip and another 5000 gp to spend on firearms when the ship arrives in Lantan.

Oh… Lantan was not on the original itinerary… that will change.

Kaylie "Blackie" Forbath

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