Kalmadar Taskerhill

Lord of Taskerhill Manor and representative of Cudgel District on the Dawn Council


Kalmadar is possibly the richest man in Talshuta.


Cudgel District’s representative nobles are the Taskerhills. Although they’re hardly the oldest noble family in Talshuta, the Taskerhills are easily the richest. Their ownership of Thunder River Lumber has ensured a constant inflow of profit for hundreds of years. The current patriarch of this noble family is a man named Kalmadar Taskerhill. A recent scandal involving his older brother, a noble of the nearby city of Cauldron, has done some unfortunate damage to the family name, and Kalmadar’s primary concern today is to repair this damage in any way he can. As a result, he’s been spending a lot of time away from home visiting his brother’s family.

Kalmadar Taskerhill

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