Brissa Santos

The voluptious girlfriend of Vanthus Vanderboren


Brissa has the sun kissed skin and hair of a young woman in her early twenties. She wears loose fitting clothing usually a shirt that scandalously exposes her ample cleavage. Around her slim waist she wears a red sash in which she tucks her masterwork cutlass and main gauche. One will never find her in a dress much to the disappointment of her many male suitors.

A very strong and independent woman she makes her way in the Shadowshore district with guile and a quick blade.

Brissa is known to be a talented artist, having painted several locally famous paintings around Talshuta, including one found (somewhat ironically, given that Rowyn Kellani was screwing her boyfriend) in the Lotus Dragons hideout.


Brissa Santos is partly known in the city of Talshuta. She has a reputation of being both beautiful and deadly. She can normally be found in the Merchant District or in Shadowshore. However, when she doesn’t want to be found she isn’t. Some say she has informants all over the city and she always knows when someone comes sniffing around. Some say that she has connections to the Crimson Fleet. It is also rumored that she is the girlfriend of Vathus Vanderboren. She was turned into a savage beast while in the Kraken’s Cove where she was killed by the party.

Brissa Santos

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