Amella Venkalie

Ship Captain and Farshore colonist


A slight but powerful woman withfine blonde hair tied neatly back from
her forehead, Amelia dresses to fightand sail rather than to please the eye.A thin scar graces her right cheek. Amelia is rather foul-mouthed, fond ofuttering oaths only heard in the worst
dockside taverns. Confident, haughty,and astute, she does not suffer fools gladly.

Amella is gruff and given to swearing, and runs a ship with the bearing, poise, and discipline of an educated soldier. Supremely confident in her abilities, Amella takes her responsibilities as captain very seriously, and likes to be sure that everyone under her command does so, as well.


She already buried one husband, a dashing sea captain named Heldramm. They once ran a successful smuggling operation outside of Talshuta, but were betrayed by a group of shifty gnomes who betrayed them. The leader of the gnomes, Shortstone Bagwell, killed her husband.

This has left her with a negative opinion about gnomes.

Amella Venkalie

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