Savage Tide Pathfinder Style

Voyage to the Isle of Dread: Part VI

1. The party reaches the lair of the brood queen. They travel downwards into the depths until they confront the Gargantuan, horrible creature. After many rounds and numerous other zombies coming to her aid, she is destroyed. After her destruction the sea begins to break apart. The party retrieves a fairly hefty treasure and water walk back to their now freed ship.

2. The parties boat now free of the sargasso sea, now travels many days with smooth sailing until the dwarf ranger discovers that another powerful storm is coming, even more ferocious then the one that they encountered several days ago.

3. The storm hits hard when the party is a day or so away from the Island of Dread. The vessel is blown off course and rams into a coral reef and is heavily damaged. A Gnasher, an eel like creature attacks the crew and is disposed of easily.

4. The captain decides to make way for the coast because the ship is too heavily damaged to make it to the final destination. The party talks over their options and decide to lead a small group through the jungle to get supplies and make it back to the ship. 5. Before the party sets out on its journey, a T-Rex attacks the party and after a hard fought battle is killed. The remaining crew and passengers are getting scared about being left behind, but are persuaded that their best chance of survival is at the ship and not in the jungle.



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