Savage Tide Pathfinder Style

Voyage to the Isle of Dread: Part V

Sargasso Sea

1. The three ships set sail from Lantan, their last stop and make way for the fabled Isle of Dread.

2. A vicious storm hits and the pilots of each ship do their best to navigate and steer their way through the storm. The Sea Wyvern makes it through the storm without being blown off course. The other two ships are blown off course and are not in view after the storm subsides.

3. After a few days of sailing and with no sign of the other two ships the Sea Wyvern slows down and attempts to discern where the lost two ships are. The next morning the crew awakes to find itself stuck in an unnatural vegetation, a horrid phenomenon known as a Sargasso Sea. The crew deduces that there is no way to break free of this unnatural, uneasy growth encasing their ship. The party sets out to venture out onto the sea and attempt to find any way off this unnatural island.

4. The party comes upon a more recently grounded ship and decides to explore. They enter the captains quarters and are attacked by some strange zombie type creatures covered in seaweed. They are dispatched of and the captains journal is discovered. The captain talks about how undead creatures are all around and come up at night and take his crew to the depths, and they are found in the ranks of the undead the next evening. There appears to be a mother of all these creatures that resides in the center of the island that controls the entire army of undead.

5. The party fends off 2 waves of undead in the night with no losses. The next day they make way for the ship that the brood mother is supposed to reside in..The party is helped by a traveling spell cast by the ranger Dwalin which makes their voyage much faster over the horrid and slow terrain. As they make their way towards the ship they can see waves and waves of undead closing in on them slowly.

6. The party reaches their destination and makes their way to the hull. They are greeted by another wave of undead which are easily dispatched of. They now make their way to the last and final room, the lair of the brood queen.



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