Savage Tide Pathfinder Style

Voyage to the Isle of Dread: Part IV

1. While investigating the shrine of Tomochoan, the part finds an old pyramid structure that is trapped. The rogue fails to disarm the trap and is afflicted with Mummy Rot.

2. After the Mummy Rot trap the party is attacked by a bat demon from the Maztican writings. A Will-O-Wisp joins the fight and helps the party. The demon is slain and the Will-O-Wisp departs.

3. The party finds a shriveled form in the pyramid that has a prayer bead magic item cluthched in its grasp.

4. At the far end of the room the party finds a pit that holds an old Maztican relic that is very valuable to collectors, it has faint transmutation magic clinging to it.

5. The party decides to split their group of sailors up so they can pilot the half-elfs caravel that is now sailorless due to them all being slain by the Girillons.

6. The party heads off to the next leg of their trip, a village of friendly Mazticans who are known to trade food for metal items.

7. After a few gaffs by some of the passengers and crew of the ships, the party completes the trade and moves on towards Nimbral.

8. The party makes a brief excursion into one of the cities of Lantan where a few buy some magic items to help them on the journey.



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