Savage Tide Pathfinder Style

Chapter 3: Voyage to the Isle of Dread Part III

1. The party docks at a fresh water inlet where they are attacked by a 5 headed hydra. They fire a cannon at it which severely wounds it and sends it back down into the depths.

2. The party next sails down the coast to the lost city of the Maztican civilization, Tomochoan. They meet up with a half elf who has befriended the barbarian who needs to go to the shrine of the jaguar God in order to try and break her curse of lycanthropy.

3. The party is ambushed by eight girillons, 4 armed apes. They monsters are killed but all of the members of the half elf’s party is killed. They meet a stranger who helped during the fight who claims he was part of a group of monster catchers from Tashlutaa who was decimated by the monsters.

4. The party reaches the shrine and the half elf completes the ceremony that appears to cure her of her affliction.

5. The party spies the tracks of a basilisk and in turn destroys it.

6. The party enters the uncharted tomb.



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