Savage Tide Pathfinder Style

Chapter 3: Voyage to the Isle of Dread Part II

Voyage to Lantan

I. The party tracks the water logged tracks of their assailant down the steps to the hull a. A form of Skald is found in the corner apparently drugged, while another person looking like Skald is hiding behind the horse Thunderer. b. The party attacks and kills the creature who is found out to be a revenant, who had a big issue with the sorceror. c. During the fight, the sorceror was hurt badly, and while treating his wounds it’s discovered that he is a Yuan-ti. II. The party makes it’s way to the first stop on the leg, Port Nyranzu. a. It’s found out that a strange cult has popped up in the area thats called the cult of the hopping wizards. They’re apparently somehow connected to creatures knows as Slaads. b. After getting a few supplies the party heads off to it’s next stop, Lantan. III. The part arrives in Lantan. a. Kaylani, the gunslinger purchases a large canon along with a fair amount of ammunition that they mount on the front of the ship. IV. The party makes way for their next stop, the ruins of Tomochan a. The party spots a caravel vessel coming closer to theirs flying the flags of the Rundeen. b. Kaylani mans the canon and fires on the approaching vessel and after two direct hits the approaching vessel is listing and they plea for surrender. c. The pirates boat is plundered and the assailants are dropped off at the coastline a in row boats a day alter. d. After the pirates are dropped off, Father Feres comes to the group claiming that since he left the shrine of Tyr he hasn’t felt well. After inspection it’s deduced that he’s had an egg from a blue Slaad inserted into him by the Cult of the hopping wizards.

1. The egg is removed from Feres’s body and destroyed. They find out that he isn’t a priest, but a con man out to make a few bucks. He will be dropped off in Nimbral.



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