Savage Tide Pathfinder Style

Chapter 2: Bullywug Gambit

Session two: Wormfall Festival

I. The party rushes back to Tashlanta in an attempt to save Lavinia from the Drevoraz
1. The party arrives to find the Wormfall festival has come to the city which is blocking most of the ways in and out of the city, and making the streets very crowded.
2. Dwalin gets into a fight with a drunk gnome and narrowly avoids a fight with the gnome’s friend, a half orc barbarian.
3. The party gets attacked by an assassin hired by the Kellani family. Their attempt is thwarted.
4. The part takes the secret waterway into the Vanderboren estate. The are met by a group of bullywugs lead by their chief, and a rust monster who are torturing a mage from the Jade Ravens group. The bullywugs are slain and the mage is rescued.
5. The party moves into another room and slays another group of bullywugs who were pleasuring themselves at the expense of a bloated stuffed toad.
6. The party discovers a secret door which holds the body or a wounded dwarf druid, another member of the jade ravens. They revive him and get information about what happened during the attack.



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