Savage Tide Pathfinder Style

Chapter 2: Bullywug Gambit

Session 1: Krakens Cove

The party learns that traveling to Krakens Cove is a tricky endeavor indeed. The cove is surrounded my miles of coral that would be devastating to a large ship. It’s said that there is a map that can guide you through the coral maze, but no one seems to have the map at this time. The party books charter with a small fishing vessel who will take them to the coral maze and they will use a small row boat the rest of the way. About half way into the coral cove, Dwalin notices that the fauna of the region seems to become perverted by foul magic. The fish and birds seem to be warped with chaos stuff, making them grow appendages and larger teeth. In the distance the party notices a large fire in the direction of the camp. They finally reach the cove where they see a cluster fuck of bad shit has transpired. Many boats are on fire, dead bodies are strewn everywhere and horrid creatures are roaming about. The party makes their way into the caves where they fight many hideously deformed creatures who may or may not have originally been sailors or pirates. They continue to make their way deeper into the caverns where they come upon the Brissa, the lover of Vanthus. She has been turned into one of these horrid creatures. The party dispatches of her easily. Eventually the party comes upon the final room. One female pirate is shouting obscenities at a large group of savage creatures. The party decides to help her and in time the remaining creatures are destroyed. The pirate says her name is Harliss Javell, the a crimson fleet captain of the now doomed ship, the Slippery Eel. They learn that all of this was caused when Vanthus accidentally let loose the power of a black pearl that he was trying to steal from Harliss Javell. She tells of how all of these creatures were transformed when the power of the pearl enveloped them. She tells of how the Cove captain was killed and how she fought her way to the last room. The party can tell she is hurt badly and has been greatly affected by the poisons of these horrid creatures, it seems to be affecting her intelligence greatly. She tells the party that in order to get even with Vanthus, she sent her half orc firstmate Drevoraz ahead to deal with him at his home, Vanderboren estate. The party tells her of her error, and in either her bad judgement or confusion she tells where they can find the map of the coral maze, and bades them to take the last usable vessel, the Sea Wyvern, to try and cut off Drevoraz and his band of bullywugs, before they murder lady Lavinia by mistake. The party is now heading back to Tashlanta as quick as possible in and effort to reach Lady Lavinia before it’s too late.



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